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Natural Balance in a Supplement

PicsArt_1385218150519Thanks to EstroBlock for offering me the opportunity, I have spent the past 30 days experiencing a very effective and powerful product. EstroBlock is a unique and natural supplement that can aid in a variety of things, such as hormonal imbalance, weight management, and even acne. This can translate to anything and everything from better sleep to helping prevent cancer. EstroBlock contains DIM (Diindolymethane) with 13C which has shown to nutritionally help in reducing toxic fat building estrogens, as well as in restoring good estrogens. Best of all, EstroBlock is non-gmo and made in the USA.

My specific experience with EstroBlock was almost immediate. After taking the 2 capsules per day with food for almost a week, I noticed a significant decrease in belly bloat. This was especially exciting when it was time for that dreaded monthly PMS. I have always suffered from “irregular” menstrual cycles and some tough episodes of PMS. I tend to skip months, get very bloated, suffer mood swings and lower back pains. I am ecstatic to report that after taking EstroBlock, my period arrived only a few days late and with almost no symptoms of PMS! The only difference this time around was that I broke out a little more than usual on my face. Of course, this was more than likely to my hormones adjusting to the supplement. I contacted EstroBlock and they suggested I take an extra capsule a day. It did the trick! I have seen and read several testimonies online regarding success with EstroBlock for adult acne and other hormonal imbalances. ┬áMy unique and individual experience has definitely been a positive one and I highly recommend that you give EstroBlock a try if you’re looking for some natural balance.

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