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Vitamin C for Kids: Hyland’s Tablets

Most of us can remember being nagged to drink our orange juice as children…”It’s got Vitamin C!” Sadly, there may have been some truth in that back in the day, but that’s most likely not the case today. Yes, Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that can help boost our immune system, but where we can safely get it from may be tricky. With our food supply being progressively stripped of its nutrients, fruits and vegetables are not enough anymore. Supplements are widely popular today, but unfortunately we can’t trust just any old vitamin. It’s important to be informed on the manufacturing process, ingredients and source of our supplements in order to confirm that they are indeed of benefit to us.

I am often asked what I give my daughter to boost her immune system. Obviously, I first make sure that she is getting balanced meals and plenty of water. Secondly, I supplement. Vitamin C is a strict component of her daily regimen. She is only 5 years old, so she still has some difficulty swallowing capsules. This is where Hyland’s Vitamin C tablets have come to the rescue. I have been giving them to her since her first birthday. They are soft and dissolve quickly, so they are easy to take and do not pose a choking risk. She loves the natural lemon flavor and I love that they are free from the ascorbic acid that the majority of Vitamin C products are derived from. (Each tablet contains 35mg of lactose, please check for sensitivity before continuing use.) I am also thrilled that this product and other Hyland’s products can be found in several places.

Besides smaller Health Stores, the Hyland’s Vitamin C tablets can be found at Whole Foods and CVS. The prices can vary. I have purchased them online for as little as $5 and they can sell for as much as $8.99. This would seem like a bargain regardless, considering there are 125 tablets in a package. However, each tablet contains only 25 mg of Vitamin C. While this may be 55% of the daily recommended requirement, it’s just not enough, in my opinion. The directions on the label recommend 1-2 tablets daily…still not enough, I say. While I may not be a doctor or qualified expert to recommend anything, I have done my fair share of reading and discussing this topic with people who are, to formulate my own opinion. Chiropractors and Naturopaths I have encountered over the years, whom I respect very much, have agreed that Vitamin C in higher doses can work wonders. Besides boosting the immune system, it can work as an anti-inflamatory, help lower stress, protect skin, lower blood pressure, etc., etc. I give my daugther 4 tablets every morning. (I, myself, take 2,000mg of Vitamin C a day. During the Winter/Flu season I up the dose by 1,000mg.) So in reality, I am buying Hyland’s Vitamin C tablets once a month at around $6 per package…still a steal. I ordered them recently from At $5.62 and free shipping for orders over $20, it’s the best bargain I’ve found at the moment online. Time to stock up!

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