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DIY Summer Spruce-Up


As my vacation comes to an end, I already feel the anxiety of getting back to a dusty home and the back-to-school craze.  I’ve been a student and a teacher practically my whole life, making September a  month of new beginnings for me. Now with a school aged child the end of Summer and beginning of Fall continues to be my New Year and Spring Cleaning rolled into one.  I like to call it time for my “Summer Spruce-Up.”

Last Fall I began experimenting with several different homemade cleaner recipes. After much trial and error I found that all you really need is water, baking soda, vinegar and your favorite essential oil for scent. So as you clean out those rooms and closets to prepare for a new school year and scrub those floors after a Summer of trekking in pool water and mud, consider making your own eco-friendly household cleaners. This step-by-step easy guide to making your own cleaners from will help save you money and protect your family and the environment from toxins and chemicals found in conventional cleaning brands.



Plastic-Free Bags



Lately I have been very conscientious of the plastic we use in our home, particularly plastic bags. Plastic grocery bags and sandwich-snack bags are some of the biggest culprits contributing to waste and putting our health, animals and planet in danger. Several stores in certain areas of the country have done away with plastic grocery bags. This effort alone is a good start and a strong statement, but it’s still not enough. I do my part to take reusable bags to the store and pack lunches, snacks and leftovers in reusable containers. There are many great alternatives now that make it convenient and cost effective for us all to do our part to minimize the use of plastic bags. This infographic from ECO SNACKBAG is an eye-opening breakdown of just how much of an impact you can really make by making the switch to eco-friendly options. Make every day Earth Day!

Plastic Waste Infographic

Green Electronics Guide

Like many, we debated on splurging on some new electronics for the home this holiday season. After some research and consideration, we finally found the right flat screen LED T.V. It was important that we find one that was energy efficient, as well as cost effective. By simply looking for the Energystar label and setting gadgets and appliances to their proper settings, we can save money and help protect the environment.

The following “Green Electronics Holiday Guide” is a useful tool in making sure we minimize the environmental impact of our gadgets, whether brand new or when replacing old ones. Now that a New Year has begun and the holidays are over, continue to consider the following Green Tips when purchasing electronics and make sure to properly discard and/or recycle the old ones.

The Many Uses of the Coconut Tree

Most of us have probably heard a little something about the many uses and benefits of coconut. We can cook with it, put it on our skin, and even in our hair. Coconut water has recently gained mass popularity for its super hydrating qualities and high levels of potassium. Coconut seems to be a natural and healthier alternative to conventional products in many ways. I, personally, use raw coconut oil to cook with and to moisturize or heal my skin. Currently, I put unsweetened, shredded coconut into my smoothies and on my morning cereal, which I then drown in unsweetened coconut milk.  Recently, a good friend even made me a delicious coconut martini. It’s everywhere! Aside from its edible fruit, however, the entire coconut palm tree could very well be one of the most useful and sustainable plants around.  From its palm leaves to its roots, the coconut tree can provide food, fuel and shelter. The infographic below from does a great job of breaking down all of the parts of the tree and its various uses from around the world.
coconut uses infographic

For original infographic go to: "Plant of Life: An Infographic on Various Coconut Uses." Use the embed code to share it on your website.

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