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Natural Balance in a Supplement

PicsArt_1385218150519Thanks to EstroBlock for offering me the opportunity, I have spent the past 30 days experiencing a very effective and powerful product. EstroBlock is a unique and natural supplement that can aid in a variety of things, such as hormonal imbalance, weight management, and even acne. This can translate to anything and everything from better sleep to helping prevent cancer. EstroBlock contains DIM (Diindolymethane) with 13C which has shown to nutritionally help in reducing toxic fat building estrogens, as well as in restoring good estrogens. Best of all, EstroBlock is non-gmo and made in the USA.

My specific experience with EstroBlock was almost immediate. After taking the 2 capsules per day with food for almost a week, I noticed a significant decrease in belly bloat. This was especially exciting when it was time for that dreaded monthly PMS. I have always suffered from “irregular” menstrual cycles and some tough episodes of PMS. I tend to skip months, get very bloated, suffer mood swings and lower back pains. I am ecstatic to report that after taking EstroBlock, my period arrived only a few days late and with almost no symptoms of PMS! The only difference this time around was that I broke out a little more than usual on my face. Of course, this was more than likely to my hormones adjusting to the supplement. I contacted EstroBlock and they suggested I take an extra capsule a day. It did the trick! I have seen and read several testimonies online regarding success with EstroBlock for adult acne and other hormonal imbalances.  My unique and individual experience has definitely been a positive one and I highly recommend that you give EstroBlock a try if you’re looking for some natural balance.

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MOM WOW Summit 2013

On October 6-8th 2013, the first ever Moms Meet WOW Summit took place in Philadelphia at the Sheraton Society Hill. The conference was open to all moms, or moms-to-be, interested in networking and learning more about raising healthy families. Tickets ranged from $149 for a day pass to $249 for a Full Summit Pass. Moms Meet Bloggers qualified for discounted rates and Early Bird discounts were also available. The event kicked off on Sunday night, with a cocktail reception sponsored by Zevia at the hotel’s Taste Restaurant.


The clever cocktails made with my favorite healthy soda were a big hit with everyone!

The following two days, as a Mom Ambassador for, I joined fellow moms, moms-to-be, and Green Blogger Moms as we were treated to a variety of seminars, workshops, products reviews, giveaways and even an awards banquet. Guest speakers included: Dr. Lawrence Rosen, Green pediatrician; Jess Kolko, Registered dietitian and educator with Whole Foods Market; Paige Wolf, Mom Blogger and Author living in Philly, and several others. Topics included: natural parenting, healthy eating, holistic remedies, and much more.

Every attendee also received a t-shirt and eco gift bag. The best part, however, visiting the Exhibitors hall and filling up that tote bag! The room was lined with tables of some of our favorite brands, as well as some new ones. The friendly and generous representatives made sure we sampled all the great products and filled our bags with green, natural and organic products to take home with us. (See some of them in the slideshow below.)

In its first year, Moms Meet and KIWI Magazine organized a great event. Can’t wait to see what they bring us next year. For more info and to keep up-to-date with next year’s WOW Summit: Click Here

Enjoy the slide show. 🙂

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Superfoods for Kids

PicsArt_1375246245526With back-to-school season right around the corner, it is not too early to start planning healthy snacks for your kids’ lunches. I was recently introduced to a new line of healthy snacks and asked to share my thoughts. My Super Foods was created by two moms that were tired of not finding healthier food options for their kids, so they created their own. I received three varieties of the MySuperSnack (soft) Granola Bites for review….Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Banana Acai, and Apple Raisin.

The first thing to catch my attention is the “All Natural” label on the packaging. As most of us may know, nowadays you cannot judge a book by its cover…you have to read the ingredients and nutrition facts! What I found are whole grain oats, omega-3 rich flax seeds, apples, blueberries, amaranth flour, organic canola oil, 6-8 grams of sugar per serving, 3 grams of fiber, vitamins A, C, B6 and 12, Iron and other truly natural ingredients.  The best part? While it does not say so on the packaging, a peek at the My Super Foods website will confirm that these snacks are preservative and GMO free! Added bonus…the packaging is BPA-free!

While this may sound like just the treat you’ve been looking for, we all know it means nothing if your little one(s) just doesn’t like the taste. Well, my 6 year old daughter absolutely loves them. Her favorite is the Chocolate Chip variety (mine too!). She also likes the Apple Raisin.  She is not as crazy about the Blueberry Banana Acai….coincidentally, it is the least sweet of the three. 😉 We both agree that what makes the Granola Bites fun to eat are their soft texture. They make you feel like you’re indulging in little, yummy baked cookies. They are the perfect alternative to a healthy treat, snack or dessert.  My family is definitely a new fan. 

My Super Foods has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, People, and Daily Candy. The company is dedicated to helping end child hunger in the U.S.A. by donating a generous portion of proceeds and products to several food banks throughout the country.

For more info visit the My Super Foods Website


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