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Suuthe your Skin


A few weeks back I was introduced to this great line of skin care products and am excited to share it with you. Suuthe by Mari offers natural and organic products for your body, face, and lips. From mild skin conditions to eczema and psoriasis relief, they are great for any skin type and any age. In fact, Mari Carlin Dart developed the skin repair that started it all to help alleviate her son’s eczema. In 2012 suuthe received the KIWI Award for Best Kids’ Personal Care. I received the suuthe skin repair and both the original and peppermint lip balms for review. 

My daughter has sensitive skin (like her mama) and the Skin Repair has really come in handy. We have used it for mild skin irritations and itchiness caused by detergents and bug bites. We most recently used it for sunburn relief for the whole family. The skin repair provided instant relief. It is not greasy or too thick and goes on easily and absorbs quickly. It has a light, pleasant scent too.

The lip balms have been just as useful. My daughter is not a fan of minty flavors so I gave her the original, while I have been using the peppermint balm. During the hot Summer weather they have maintained our lips smooth and soft. I am certain we will be using these for the cold Winter months, as well.

The most important thing I look for in skin care is that it is safe for my little one to use. I love that suuthe products can be applied whenever and as much as is needed.  Only containing a short list of ingredients that are all 100% natural and/or organic, including emu oil, beeswax, and essential oils, this is the type of skin care line I want and need for my family and me.

The Products

suuthe products are created to provide fast, natural relief from severe to mild skin conditions. They are capable of soothing, repairing, maintaining, preserving and protecting your skin. suuthe formulations have been created by combining some of the world’s oldest and most effective ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen for its own unique qualities and ability to have a positive effect on the skin. As a result we are proud to bring you a line of skin products that truly work!

suuthe products are made using a very simple process. There are no additives or fillers used. Temperatures are kept at the lowest possible level in order to maintain the highest nutritive quality of each ingredient. We purposely source ingredients that are food grade. We want you to ‘feed’ your skin with nothing but the most pure and natural products available.

It is now common knowledge that the skin is the largest organ in the body. Everything you put on it is absorbed and ultimately ends up inside your body. suuthe products are specifically made with that in mind.

We have experienced the difficulty that skin conditions can cause first hand. suuthe was founded on the idea that with our products we can help our customers to overcome damaged skin and regain or maintain a high quality of life.

~taken from the suuthe website

Right now you can get a free lip balm with your order….

Visit the suuthe website.

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June Mom and Baby Surprises

I look forward to my Ecocentric Mom box every month. With June being my birthday month, I was even more curious to see what kind of surprises were in store for me. Ironically, I had to wait a little longer to get my June box since I was out-of-town during the regular delivery time.  I was extra anxious as I was receiving two boxes this time. I finally got my hands on them and have to say they were definitely worth the wait.  If you are considering joining a subscription box service this should definitely be the one you choose. Check out all the awesome goodies I received.



1. Wee Gallery Art Cards: These great cards are black and white hand-painted originals of different animals that can be used as flash cards for older children or as visual stimulation for infants. The 5X7 cards contain child-friendly rounded corners and usually sell for $12.95 per box. I also received a 20% off online coupon.

2. Dapple Pacifier Wipes: These are a great way to keep pacifiers, teethers, and other baby objects clean. The wipes are preservative and fragrance free, phthalates and paraben free, SLS, SLES and dye free, made from a 100% natural formula and are biodegradable. They are individually wrapped for convenience and usually sell for $2.99 for the box of 10 cards I received. They came with a $1.50 retail coupon too. Would make a unique baby shower gift!

3. Happy Family Organic Happy Creamies:  Gluten and dairy free, these little snack bites melt in your mouth and are made with organic fruits, veggies and coconut milk. The bag I received usually sells for $4. Great on-the-go snack for little ones being introduced to solids…my 6 year old even loves them! I love that Happy Family also included a list of the EWG 2013 Dirty Dozen…top fruits and veggies you should buy organic.

4. Bummas Eco-Friendly Baby Cloths:  These soft and colorful cloths are the perfect green alternative to traditional wet wipes. They are a great way to prevent diaper rash, while protecting the planet. They can also be used as a wash cloth in the bath or in place of tissues for runny noses too.  A set of 10 sells for $15.

5. Emily Skin Soothers’ Diaper Plus: Made by an acupuncturist for his daughter who was born with sensitive skin. The company also offers other balms and soaps that are made with herbs and can all be used to relieve different skin irritations. The travel size I received sells for $3 while the full size sells for $13. I also received a 10% online coupon.

6. Novena Maternal Organic Cucumber and Cranberry Eye Gel ~Just for MomI’m very excited about using this product. It is Vegan, USDA Organic Certified, Paraben/sulfate/fragrance/gluten/BPA and Phtalate free! It is made with a custom formula that is good for all skin types. I received a full size of the eye gel which sells for $22! (Talk about this subscription box paying for itself.) Helps to alleviate typical mommyhood eye issues….dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.  Novena Maternal Skin Care specializes in safe and effective pre and post natal skin and body care. I also received a trial sized sample of their moisturizer and a 10% online discount.

7. EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bar~Just for MomAnother favorite in this month’s box…this Whole Food Bar made me feel like I was indulging in a chocolate treat! EcoTrek Fitness bar are made from high quality, nutritious ingredients. No refined sugars or artificial sweetners…GMO FREE TOO! Tastes so good you forget it contains green foods like spirulina and wheat grass. Great way to get a healthy snack and your nutrition on-the-go! One bar sells for $2.29.

8. Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips: I have seen these at the store before but just never got around to buying some. So glad I got to sample these award winning (over 40!) chips. They are very tasty, made with real ingredients, and are gluten free and Kosher. A healthier chip variety. The snack bag I received typically sells for $1.29.

9. $5 Gift Card to Jude Bug Boutique: Specializes in handmade nursing and teething necklaces and toys. All items are made with 100% natural materials. 

10. The ECZEMA Company 10% off coupon: variety of products to relieve itchy, dry skin. 

11. Ecocentric Mom’s June Expert Tips Card: Topics of the month are “Mosquito Control” and “How to Go Gluten-Free”.



1. Lauren Booke Cosmetiques Lip Colour: One of my favorite items in the box! This skincare and makeup line is made with natural and organic ingredients. Their products have received top ratings from the EWG. The Lip Colour I received usually sells for $12. I love it! It’s almost like putting on a smooth chapstick with a hint of color. It has a nice shimmery tint to it and even smells fantastic…all done with organic and natural flavors and color blends! I am definitely a new fan of this line. I also received a 15% online coupon I plan to use right away!

2. Happy Seeds Watermelon Foaming Hand Soap: Another awesome product! I received a Travel Size of the hand soap (perfect to carry in my purse!) which is priced at $5.45.  A full Kitchen & Bath size sells for $9.99. This soap is made with organic fruit and vegetable derived cleansers and aloe vera…and smells yummy! Happy Seeds products are all sulfate/paraben/fragrance/GMO free! I also received a 20% off online coupon. They donate 5% of all sales to Talk About Curing Autism.

3. Brigit True Organics Magic Healing Skin Balm Stick: This is a great product to have on hand for those mini emergencies, such as minor cuts, burns, rashes, mosquito bites, etc. It’s even great for eczema and psoriasis relief.  It comes in a chapstick-like package, making it very convenient and easy to use.  All Brigit True Organics are made with 100% natural ingredients and are 74-99% organic. I received a regular sample priced at $5.50 and an online coupon for 10% off. There is free shipping for orders over $40.

4. Essence of Antiquity Pomegranate Lip Scrub: This was the biggest surprise of the bunch. I exfoliate my skin as needed, but never thought to use a scrub on my lips! After just one application I definitely plan to make it a regular part of my skin regimen. After just one application of this all natural lip scrub, I could not get over how soft my lips felt. The scrub also smelled and tasted so good it was hard to resist eating it! I received a full size jar priced at $6.95 and a 20% off online coupon.

5. Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser: Another nice surprise….finding this familiar favorite.  About a year ago I was introduced to this 100% natural face wash and liked it very much. It works like a microdermabrasion using real African Black soap and Rose Hips oil and other natural and organic ingredients. It gets rid of dead, dry skin and leaves your skin feeling firm and looking fresh and even. I received a 1oz sample. A full 4oz size sells for $18.

6. Green Leaf Living Lotion Bar: This was the most interesting sample from the box. Lotion in a bar? Works for me! I really like the grapefruit scent and that it’s made with 5 simple and natural ingredients, including my favorites….coconut oil and beeswax. I just rub the bar (as if it were soap) on my hands and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. A little bit goes a long way. I received a full size lotion bar priced at $6 along with a 10% online discount.  

7. Jenuinely Clean Laundry Power Wash: I have yet to use the sample I received, but am almost certain I will love it. The Jenuinely Clean products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. They are made from essential oils, natural minerals and plant-based soaps. A full size laundry power wash sells for $9 and will last 40-80 washes. I received a 4-8 wash sample size along with a 15% off online coupon.

8. Turtle Moon Health Herbal Mosquito and Tick Repellent: The ideal product to receive during the hot Summer months and also in line with this month’s Ecocentric Mom’s Expert Tips. This all-natural formula has been clinically proven and jungle tested. Made with an essential oil blend, it is child and pet friendly, pesticide free, non-greasy, smells better than most natural and conventional bug sprays. I received a full size spray bottle priced at $12 and a 10% online discount.

The following  items I also received in the “Baby Box” (See descriptions above)…

9. Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

10. EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bar (Yay…I got two!)

11. The ECZEMA Company 10% off coupon

12. Ecocentric Mom’s June Expert Tips Card

The June Boxes were filled with so many useful and unique products. Ecocentric Mom continues to prove why it is one of the rising favorites among subscription box services.  Looking forward to my July box arriving any day now!