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Smart Irrigation Month

I’ve been visiting family here in my home state of CA this past month and temperatures have been very high! The idea of slip and slides and running through sprinklers have not been more appealing since childhood. Yet, just taking a few extra minutes in the shower makes me feel guilty. You see, on every major freeway you’ll find the lit up signs announcing the severe drought taking place here. It compelled me to look into the major causes and also share ways we can all pitch in and conserve water.

This isn’t just a problem in CA. Surprisingly, I learned that in the US  we have one of the highest averages of water use per person. Not surprising, I also learned that July is the peak month for water use. Through a campaign started in 2005 by the Irrigation Association it is now also considered Smart Irrigation Month. To learn more about how you can be involved and help support this cause visit their website:  You can also visit the EPA website and learn about the WaterSense program and products.


WaterSense's Save Water Summer Infographic


Conserving Energy this Holiday Season

At the beginning of Autumn, I posted a handy “Fall-to-Winter Checklist” to help prepare you for the cold season. It’s still not too late to make sure you get your home ready, keep your family safe, conserve energy and save some money. If you missed the post: Click Here.

The following is an infographic from Energy Star that makes it easy to ensure you save some extra dollars during this holiday season. Start the New Year right by switching out all your light bulbs to Energy Star bulbs. They are the only ones truly certified to meet strict guidelines, help you save money…and the planet. Go green this New Year.

Lighting Made Easy Infographic