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July Mom Discovery Box

PicsArt_1374703539313Once again, my monthly Ecocentric Mom Box subscription did not disappoint.  Every month I am discovering new products which fit perfectly into my family’s green and organic lifestyle. It really is encouraging to see that more and more companies are catering to those of us who would like the same convenience of on-the-go snacks, great beauty and skin care products, and items for the home…without all those dangerous and toxic chemicals and ingredients!

Check out what I received in my July Mom Discovery Box…

Vance Family Soy Travel Candle ~ I eliminated the use of traditional candles in my home a few years ago. I appreciate that these are travel candles, as I travel quite often. More importantly, I love that these are sustainable, GMO-free, made with only pure essential oils and organic plant-derived flavors, and contain low-smoke cotton wicks. One candle sells for $5 and lasts a long time!

Greene Street Soap ~ These soap bars are made with food grade, organic oils, along with butters derived from nuts such as Cocoa and Shea. They are lightly and naturally scented with essential or fragrance oils. They are vegan-friendly and come in eco-friendly packaging. I received a trial size which sells for $3. A full 1 oz size sells for $14.95. I also received a 10% off online discount.

Wellinhand POWER PRISM Deodorant ~ What a great find! Finding a natural deodorant that truly is free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, and that actually works, is difficult. I am loving this easy to use spray-on deodorant. It really works! Not only can you use it under your arms, but on your feet and in your shoes. It is made with only natural mineral salts. The 2 oz bottle I received goes for $5.99. I also received a 10% off online discount.

Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Lotion ~ Another great find! This moisturizer is very light and absorbs into your skin quickly. You can definitely feel a difference. It contains aloe vera and coconut oil which helped my skin feel soft and smooth immediately. The Hibiscus Flower is a natural source of the antioxidant Vitamin C which makes it great for all skin types. The 1.7 oz bottle I received sells for $27.95. I also received a 20% off online discount.

Crunchy Mamas Lip Balm ~ Yet another great healthy and safe alternative to traditional beauty products. This is a great lip balm that is natural, organic and free of chemicals, GMOs, preservatives and dyes. The cute label made this a favorite for my 6 year old daughter. 😉 One lip balm sells for $3. I also received a 10% online discount.

Willow Tree Minerals Organic Cranberry & Cucumber Eye Gel ~ I have yet to use this since I’m still trying out the eye gel I received in last month’s Ecocentric Mom box. Willow Tree Minerals carries only 100% natural products. The eye gel contains cranberry, cucumber, resveratrol, chamomile, vanilla, and aloe. It promises to reduce puffiness and calm tired eyes. I received a trial size which sells for $3. A full 1 oz size is very affordable at $14.95. I also received a 20% off online discount.

Peepods Panty Liner ~ Many people do not even realize that there are actually ways to be eco-friendly even during that time of the month. Peepods offer washable pads for periods, postpartum and mild incontinence. I received one eco-friendly panty liner with a pretty design. They sell for $10 and are very durable.  I also received a 10% off online discount.

Honibe Honey Lozenges and Honibe Honey Delights Candy ~ We have yet to try the lozenges but the honey candy was a big hit with my daughter. The lozenges are the first ever to be made from 100% pure dried honey, containing its natural properties. I usually only treat my family’s coughs or sore throats with honey, so these will definitely come in handy this cold and flu season.  The candies are also made with 100% pure dried honey and are so yummy. They are a great alternative to typical candies made from refined sugars. The 10 pack of lozenges I received sell for $4.99.  The bag of 20 candies sells for $5.99. I also received a 20% online discount.

Organic Flavrz Drink Mixes ~ Sometimes plain water just does not cut it, but I’m not a big juice or soda drinker. These drink mixes are great for those special thirsty moments. I received 3 different pouches, each made with organic ingredients to serve a specific purpose….Boost, Energize and Revive.  Just mix to taste in your water. They taste great.  A pack of 8 sells for $8.99. I also received a 10% off discount code.

Eat Green Tea ~  I have not tried this yet, but this is a great way to truly get all of the benefits of Green Tea. I received 3 packs of the Eat Green Tea, which is made from some of the purest green tea whole leaves from organic farms all over the world. Each individual pack sells for $1. I also received a 30% off discount code.

Cascadian Farm Oats & Honey Crunchy Granola Bars ~ This was a tasty snack. The crunchy bars are very satisfying and made with up to 9 wholesome ingredients, including organic oats.  An added bonus is that Cascadian Farms in now enrolled in the non-gmo project. A box of 5 granola bars sells for about $3.30.

LARABAR ALT Protein Bar ~ Another yummy snack. The Alternative Protein Bar is Larabar’s first bar with added protein….and the protein comes from peas! The bar is also vegan, gluten and dairy free, and non-gmo. One bar sells for about $1.69.

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Rocky Mountain Popcorn

I’ve been in Los Angeles, CA for the past 3 weeks and Reno, NV for the past week on vacation (which is another post in itself). Along with a laptop that is currently not working, it’s left me with little time to post. No offense to the blogosophere but it’s been quite nice to loosen the grip on technology….
But, alas, some things were meant to be virtually shared.
I am currently roadtripping with the family back to L.A. from Reno and posting from my smartphone (only loosened the grip, didn’t let go). During a rest stop in Bridgeport, CA, I attempted to search for some remotely healthy snacks for the car ride. Boy was I was pleasantly surprised to immediately find these:


 Must find them when I get back home! They were a hit with the whole family. Not just delicious, but Rocky Mountain Popcorn is gluten and nut free, made simply with popcorn, canola oil, and a cheese blend, no artificial flavorings. Of course the skeptic in me would question whether these “real” ingredients might be GMO. I plan on doing a little research when I get home, but for now it’s encouraging to find healthier snack alternatives in a small town gas station image

New Whole Foods Market Cookies

Yum! This week I’ve been munching on 4 of the 9 different varieties of the new line of Whole Foods Market cookies. What a treat! They are small enough that you can indulge a little, but packed with enough flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sweets and desserts are some of the biggest battles in my home. I have a huge sweet tooth, I’m not going to lie. Unfortunately my daughter has inherited that tooth.  I try to find items that she will enjoy as an occasional treat or dessert, yet not contain too much sugar. Even more difficult is to find sweets that won’t contain some of the other hidden culprits: artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, GMOs, dyes, etc. I do not want to deprive her (nor myself), so I do my best to teach her about moderation and the effects of sugar and other harmful ingredients. These cookies are a great option! They are all natural and contain no trans fat. They are also made with non-gmo unbleached flour, regular cane sugar, natural coloring and flavors, even an organic soy lecithin emulsifier is used. Depending on the variety, a serving size (3-5 cookies) contains anywhere from 6-11 grams of sugar. I can deal with that. My “little” is perfectly happy with 2 cookies….I tend to crave the third.  With 9 varieties to choose from, there is definitely something available for everyone. So, I sat down after dinner with my daughter, hubby, and mom who was in town this week, and took tasting notes as we each sampled all four of the cookie flavors below:

First up: Oatmeal Raisin Crisp – 4 cookies contain 140 calories and 7 grams of sugar. You’ll get 1-2 raisins per cookie, which is perfect for the size. (Each cookie is a little bigger than a silver dollar.) My mom and the hubbs agreed that this was their absolute favorite flavor of the bunch. I’m a chocolate fan, but I have to agree that this might very well be one of the best tasting oatmeal raisin crispy cookies I’ve had. The “little” thought they were pretty good too. They had a nice cinnamon/nutmeg kick to them that blended perfectly with the oats and raisins.

Second: Meyer Lemon Chocolate – 5 cookies contain 150 calories and 6 grams of sugar. The cookies are topped with a light dust of powdered sugar and chocolate drizzle. I am not a fan of lemon in my dessert at all, but mom and hubbs are and well, the chocolate helped. Mom and hubbs were a little disappointed. Hubbs thought they tasted like grass. I can sort of agree.  However, the “little” loved the taste. She said it was lemony and her 2nd favorite of the bunch. 😉

Third: Dark Chocolate Almond – 4 cookies contain 130 calories and 11 grams of sugar. For being little cookies, they sure gave them some big chocolate chunks…and I’m not complaining! The dark chocolate is light, not too dark or bitter. Everyone agreed that the chocolate overpowered the almond taste though, but again, I’m not complaining.  Hubbs and mom thought they were ok, but not memorable. They were my favorite and my daughter agreed that they were pretty good. What a great alternative these are for popular conventional brands of chocolate chip cookies.

Last, but not least: Caramel Chocolate Chunk – 3 cookies contain 130 calories and 11 grams of sugar.  This cookie reminded me of a Chips Ahoy. While it was definitely good, and bigger in size than all the others, the chocolate overpowered the caramel taste. The result was a great chocolate chip cookie taste. This was my daughter’s favorite of them all.  It came in a close second for me. Hubbs and mom were a little disappointed as they are both caramel fans but agreed that it was still a good cookie.

While opinions and personal taste are going to differ, we all agreed that we were pretty impressed with all four varieties of the cookies. Whole Foods Market has done a great job, once again, of offering a healthier alternative for the whole family to enjoy. Best part of all, they are definitely affordable at $3.69 a tub! ENJOY!

Other flavors include: Sweet Ginger Snap, Classic Chocolate Chip, Classic Almond Windmill, Caramel Corn, and Raspberry Thumbprint.