Tacky Box Makes Kind Kids


This cute and creative set includes the hardcover book, Margo’s Magnificent Choice by author Chris Phelps, and a ” Tacky Box” that can be personalized and decorated.  My 7 year old daughter finished reading the story, shut the book closed, and proceeded to explain to me that it is about choosing to do the right thing. She excitedly grabbed her Tacky Box and its contents. She jotted something down on the little Tacky Box note pad, folded it up and put it in her box. When I told her she could then decorate her Tacky Box, she was over the moon!

Chris Phelps is a mom, author and inventor who knows all too well that raising children today, in a society fueled by social media and movies full of bad language and violence, can be challenging.  She created the idea of the Tacky Box after her daughter, in Knd at the time, used her first naughty word.  Her book, Margo’s Magnificent Choice, is a story about a monkey that repeats some “tacky” words she overhears and, therefore, struggles to make friends. With the advice of a wise old owl, she begins to jot down kinder words she can use instead, and stores them in her Tacky Box. By speaking positive and kind words, she soon makes several new friends.

The book is filled with colorful watercolor illustrations that will capture your child’s attention. The story is easy to follow and its strong message is clearly understood. Best of all, the special wooden box, notepad and suggested uses from the author, will emphasize the story’s purpose in a fun way for you child. There is also a separate set featuring Max the monkey, should you prefer a “boy’s” version.  The Tacky Box set is a very creative way to bond with your child and teach them a very important lesson on the power of words and how effective and fun it is to be kind. I would highly recommend it for young children of any age.

For more info visit: http://www.tackybox.com


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