Fun with Sharpie

PicsArt_1394928701746Who doesn’t love Sharpie? They can make life so easy sometimes, especially for projects or when you need to label things for school, work or home. My daughter likes to take mine (without permission) and use them for coloring. It’s a constant battle to get her to use her own markers, but she says the Sharpies color better. I agree. They are just so easy to use and give the right amount of ink. Well imagine my happy surprise at learning that Sharpie now offers Neon and Metallic colors and, best of all, a Sharpie Pen! I received the following items from to review.

Neon Permanent Markers – My daughter’s new favorites (and mine)! She had a great time coloring and decorating the white Sharpie Sunglasses with them. You can really see how the colors pop and that they are very easy to use. These vibrant neon colors are a great and unique addition to our Sharpie marker collection. It’s hard to find colorful permanent markers. They will come in very handy with school projects by helping to add variety. Sharpies are non-toxic, but I still hate that they give off that strong “permanent marker” smell.

Metallic Permanent Markers – These non-toxic markers are perfect for when you want to write or draw on something dark.  They are super easy to use. They are fade and water-resistant and dry quickly. This also makes them a nice choice if you’re decorating something made out of glass. Best of all, these Sharpies do not require any shaking, like most metallic markers do. I can see myself using these a lot during the holidays.

Premium Pen – My absolute favorite of the bunch! Yes, Sharpie now offers a beautiful, elegant, refillable, permanent pen. It has an added soft grip for more comfort, though it isn’t really placed high enough for me. However, the fine tip feels very strong and easily brings out my best penmanship. The ink is acid-free and non-toxic. Even better, it is water, smear and fade resistant. But the best thing about this Sharpie….it does not bleed through the paper!!! This pen is my new best friend and no one is allowed to use it but me! 😉

If you’re looking for new office supplies for the home, work or school, don’t forget to add these new Sharpie products to the list!


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