JuJu Band for Babies

As a Doula, I often get asked for advice on baby products and methods to soothe “colic”.  I am a firm believer in babies communicating through different cries.  Therefore, I think “colic” is really just a way of saying that you’re not sure why the baby is fussy or crying.  A very common reason for “colicky” newborns is gas. This is primarily due to babies’ digestive systems not being fully developed for a few months. Their bellies are adjusting to different forms and methods of nutrition.

Speaking of baby’s belly, parents sometimes also worry about their newborn’s belly button.  We want to keep it protected and make sure the umbilical stub does not get wet or fall off in an unnatural way. Well, I was recently introduced to a great product that addresses both baby belly issues!


JuJu Band is based on an ancient tradition called baby belly binding.  It has been practiced for many years by many different cultures around the world.  The JuJu Band company designs related products for the modern, busy parent.  Their Belly Binder comes in a variety of cute designs, is easy to use, machine washable, and made with 100% cotton in the U.S.A.  Best of all, it is a natural alternative in treating your baby and is multi-functional!  At around $15, it is a great deal too.

First, the JuJu Belly Binder can be used as a newborn naval protector by placing it under the baby’s clothes and around his or her body, like a belt, to protect the belly button from constant friction and exposure.  This can help reduce the chances of infection or irritation.  It is said that it can even help give your baby the “perfect innie” belly button.  Then, what I think serves as the best purpose, the Belly Binder can also help relieve an infant’s colic or soothe a fussy baby.  By placing it snuggly over the baby’s clothes, the warmth and slight pressure on the belly can help to alleviate gas or colic. Some babies may cry or be fussy simply because they want to be held and cuddled more than other babies. The Belly Binder can help with this too as the warmth and snug fit can be calming and serve the same purpose as the “burrito wrap” that some babies seem to take comfort in.

I have been known to recommend gripe water for gassy or colicky babies, but now that I know about JuJu Band I’ve been sharing it with my clients and other expectant mothers. There has been a lot of positive feedback. I recently gifted one to a friend and she just had her baby. I’m looking forward to hearing how well it works for her too.

For more info visit the JuJu Band Website and follow them on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.


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