Control Your Roll in 2014

Every year for the past 6 or 7 years, one of my resolutions has been to incorporate more ways of being “green.” This year is no exception. With environmental awareness becoming a priority to many and even somewhat of a trend, you can now find a large variety of ways to help reduce your carbon footprint.  Through my blog I have been introduced to some great companies and products that make it easy to go green.  My latest discovery…


PicsArt_1388719259523When I was first contacted by the company, I couldn’t grasp how there could be a product that would help eliminate unnecessary paper waste, especially from toilet paper and paper towels. I just figured it is something we consciously had to do on our own. Well, as soon as I got my package of Control-n-Roll it all made sense.

Control-n-Roll acts as a brake to stop extra sheets of paper from unrolling. As pictured to the left, the package comes with two square-shaped tubes made out of a foamy sustainable material. You can easily slip them onto the toilet paper and paper towel bars, then slide the rolls of paper on top. They even come with 3 removable inner-cores to adjust the size and fitting as needed.  Such a simple but very effective concept.

I have been using Control-n-Roll in one bathroom and the kitchen for 2 weeks. I already notice a big difference. Every time I reach for a sheet, the automatic “brakes” keep me very conscious of how much paper I am using. My family and I have definitely noticed our rolls of paper lasting much longer than usual. This was extra appreciated during the holidays!  What’s best, before even using the product, I was able to see just how much I could expect to save. By inputting a couple of numbers into the Household Savings Calculator on the Control-n-Roll website, you will get a dollar amount of how much you will save in one year. Even better, you can see just how much you will help save the environment!  A Control-n-Roll set of two sells for just $3.96. Save money on your grocery bills and reduce your paper consumption by up to 50%…such a simple way for anyone to go green.

For more info on Control-n-Roll and how much you can save visit their WEBSITE


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