Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for some unique gift ideas or stocking stuffers, check out these great Master Caster products from Shoplet I recently had the chance to review…


Clean Green Microfiber SMARTer Dual Action Gloves (MAS18041) – These fuzzy, soft gloves do a lot more than keep your hands and fingers warm. Not only can you use your touchscreen phone/tablet and not have to remove them, but the microfiber even allows you to clean your screen! I love that you actually get 3 uses in one and that they are also machine washable. Added bonus: they are odor, lint and static free. I had recently purchased some gloves from Costco that were designed for use with touchscreens. I returned them as soon as I got my hands on Microfiber SMARTer Gloves. They work much better, fit much better, and cost half the price! Of course, when using smaller smartphone screens, the added bulk won’t allow as much accuracy as you will get with larger tablet screens. Regardless, they work great and I definitely recommend these  if you’re looking for new winter gloves that are functional.


The Comfort Makers Rolling Wrist Rest (MAS99504) – This small and unique device sits on wheels, making it easy to rest your wrist while typing and move your hand from keyboard to mouse without having to lift your wrist. The soft padding supports it, helping to prevent awkward positioning that can cause unnecessary stress, pain and even damage to your wrist. I think this is a great concept, however, it’s not as beneficial if you are using a “mouseless” laptop or tablet.  I use a laptop and while I am able to rest my wrist at times on the pad, most of the time I have to reach up to get to my keyboard. The wheels do not end up benefiting me very much.  Of course, many homes and offices still use computers with a mouses. If you or someone you know spends several hours a day on these computers, you might want to consider purchasing the Wrist Rest. At less than $10, it makes a great and inexpensive gift.


Restor-it Furniture Touch-Up Kit (MAS18000) – As much as I love all the Master Caster products, this might have to be my favorite. I recently scraped up my wooden floor when I moved my couch so I could sweep underneath.  This touch-up kit literally saved me! With a variety of colors to choose from, I was able to choose an exact match for my floor. I love how easy it is to use. The touch-up pens work just like markers and are good for light scratches. You get 5 pens. For deeper scratches, you can use the fillers, which have a crayon-like feel. You get three of those. I wish there were a few more colors to choose from, particularly for my black wooden table. Regardless, I definitely recommend this product. It works on all wood and wood laminate and the kit won’t cost you more than $10. If you’re not convinced yet, just take a look at my before and after of one of the scratches on my floor… 



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