Natural and Organic Beauty from Miessence

I had heard of the Miessence line a short while ago, but had never really looked into it. So, when I received a request to review some of their products, I jumped at the chance! Before I tell you about the goodies I sampled, let me share a little background info I discovered on the company.

Miessence is the original pioneer of manufacturing Certified Organic skincare. They are also one of the first companies to be carbon negative. Miessence offers a variety of organic products, from skin to home care, made in Australia. They offer superfood nutrition and even the world’s first certified organic probiotic. Almost all of their products are also gluten-free.

The following is a list of products I sampled and my thoughts on each. I honestly loved them all! You can click on each for more info and a list of ingredients:

  • Sunflower Body Wash – My favorite of the bunch. Love the smell and the milky, soft feel. The body wash is light, but effective and left me feeling and smelling fresh and clean.
  • Intensive Body Cream – The body cream is also very light and absorbed quickly.  Left my skin feeling so smooth and soft. Has patchouli scent which I liked, but the hubby was not a big fan.
  • Balancing Cleanser – I really loved using this to wash my face. I even took my make-up off with it. It has a nice scent and left my skin feeling so clean, fresh and revived.
  • Probiotic Skin Brightner – I would have never thought to put probiotics on my skin, but it is definitely more beneficial than traditional toners. I applied the liquid with a cotton swab after cleaning my face and it really was a nice follow-up. My skin actually looked and felt more alive.
  • Balancing Skin Conditioner – An additional step in your skincare regimen that will re-introduce vitamins to the skin and help make it refined, as well as firmer. I noticed improvement after 3 days of using it.
  • Balancing Moisturizer – The final step in a skincare routine is the most important. Our skin goes through daily wear and tear that can leave it very thirsty. This light moisturizer absorbed into my skin quickly, bringing back it’s natural bounce and softness.
  • Desert Flower Shampoo – I love that it’s made with Yucca juice and Organic Avocado. With ingredients you can eat, how can you go wrong? It did leave my hair feeling slightly dryer than usual and I had to extra-condition. However, this is typical of a “hair detox” and improves with continued use. 
  • Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner – This conditioner contains a lot of good stuff for the hair. I used it as a leave-in conditioner treatment and it left my hair feeling soft and manageable.

Today, more and more products and brands claim to be natural, organic and safe. With all of the contradicting information out there, it can be confusing and difficult to find a line you truly trust. I am so happy to report that Miessence is the real deal! Not only are their products safe, but they are effective too. I can also appreciate that they practice and support green, sustainable and ethical use of Mother Earth’s resources.

What makes Miessence even more unique is that they not only offer certified organic products, they also provide great job opportunities. They have a solid system for those looking to start their own business and earn some money. The company recently revamped their compensation plan to include more bonuses and bigger commissions. For more information, watch this very informative video: CLICK HERE

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