Natural Immune Support


Marpé NatureKit

I am always trying out different homeopathic formulas and home remedies when my family gets sick. With all the new products on the market, especially during cold and flu season, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, I was recently introduced to a great product. How do I know it’s great? Well, unfortunately, it took my little and I to come down with a cold, but it gave us the chance to put the product to use…and it worked! As soon as my daughter showed signs of feeling rundown and told me her throat hurt a little, I began to give her Marpés NatureKit, the Immune Support System. The very next day she was feeling much better! After 2-3 days, the only symptom I noticed was a minor cough. Other than that, her runny nose was almost non-existent and she had plenty of energy and appetite. I also made sure to take the NatureKit and fought off that rundown feeling within a day!

NatureKits by Marpé are definitely something that I plan to have on hand in the future. Made with natural and organic ingredients, the Kit comes with 4 products: Nutritional Formula, Herbal Formula, Nasal Spray, and Homeopathic Formula.  Many people don’t realize that you usually have to combine natural therapies to get more effectiveness. This NatureKit makes it easy to ensure you do just that.

What makes Marpé extra special is that it was created by a mom who understands how important it is to protect our families. With the help of Dr. David Brown, Kristen Barkley has made a safe, high quality product which helps us continue living healthy and holistically. I highly recommend it!

For more info on Marpé visit their WEBSITE, BLOG, and follow them on FACEBOOK.


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