RAN’s Last Stand of the Orangutan

video launch ad_shopping cartDue to the production of palm oil, the Orangutan species is now in danger of becoming extinct. Their homes are being destroyed so that over twenty U.S. food companies can purchase the palm oil found in most popular snacks. One of the biggest offenders is peanut butter. The extinction of the Orangutan is not the only threat. Palm oil production is also said to be connected to deforestation, massive carbon pollution, climate change, child labor, and human rights violations.

The Rainforest Action Network recently joined forces with Free Range Studios to put together a brief and very special video that highlights the reality of the Orangutan extinction. The strong message is followed by a quick and easy way in which we can support and get involved with RAN’s new campaign, “Last Stand of the Orangutan: The Power is in Your Palm.” You can also make a significant impact by no longer purchasing products containing Conflict Palm Oil. Some of the “The Snack Food 20” include Pepsi, Heinz, Hershey’s, Kraft and Smuckers. Get involved. Help spread the word.  #InYourPalm

The following information was provided by the Rainforest Action Network:

Palm oil is found in roughly half the products sold in grocery stores and its production on vast industrial plantations is now one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction worldwide. It is the single biggest threat driving orangutans toward extinction and it’s responsible for widespread human rights violations including displacement of Indigenous Peoples, land conflicts with forest dependent communities, and forced and child labor.

On top of that, deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, where nearly all palm oil is grown, is responsible for more carbon pollution into earth’s atmosphere each year than all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships in the United States combined. In fact, due to deforestation, Indonesia has the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emissions behind only China and the United States.

But we can do something about it!

From moving Disney to stop sourcing paper from endangered rainforests to getting Burger King to stop using cattle grazed in the Amazon, RAN has learned well that an effective way to pressure and inspire companies to change is by nationalizing controversy over an issue and making sure the company knows that association with that issue is risky for their reputation and bottom line.

This video is designed to speak to the customers that the Snack Food 20 care so much about –us–and to help catapult Conflict Palm Oil into the national consciousness in a way that The Snack Food 20 can’t ignore.

The Snack Food 20 spend millions a year to instill brand loyalty and trust in their customers and they really do care what we think. It is crucial that these companies hear from you right now that you will not stand for Conflict Palm Oil in your food. Together we can convince these brands to take action and change the destructive way Conflict Palm Oil is currently grown.

Rainforest Action Network’s goal is to collect 60,600 #InYourPalm photo petitions – that’s one person standing for each orangutan remaining in the wild – to be delivered to each of the Snack Food 20 companies.

RAN is demanding that each of these companies implement policies to ensure they only buy truly responsible palm oil that can be traced back to its source and is not driving deforestation, expansion onto carbon-rich peatlands or human and labor rights violations.

Orangutans are among our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. They are amazingly like us in how they learn, play, and care for their young. But unlike us, if their homes fall they cannot move on. We believe the power to save these incredible orangutans is in your palm.

Please share this short film with your friends and family today and ask them to do the same!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. This absolutely breaks my heart! There are so many things that are being devastated by the processed food industry, I had no idea that this was one of them 😦


    • I know, I didn’t either. It really is ridiculous already. With all the info that is out there nowadays you would think it would be easier to put a stop to these things. We just have to keep trying to make a difference in any way we can, big or small. Thanks for stopping by.


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