Cherokee USA Clothing for Kids

While packing for a recent Summer vacation, I couldn’t help but get frustrated at how much darn clothes my soon-to-be 7 year old daughter has! Gifts from family and friends keep her closet full. I greatly appreciate it. However, the problem I run into is the way most kid’s clothing fits.  My daughter is very slender and it just seems like most clothes designers assume all kids are chubby. As much as I wish all her clothes could be eco-friendly and organic, it would definitely break my bank.  This is where I don’t mind bending a little. When I personally shop for her, I try to look for clothes that are made with high quality materials, are durable, fit her well, and are affordable.

One such label, that is VERY available to the average shopper, is Cherokee. The company has been around for years. You can find their children’s clothing at Target and other stores worldwide.  I have to admit, even this Green Mama likes shopping at Target on occasion. I’ve found some really great stuff there at low prices.


What I love about Cherokee clothing for kids is that my daughter really likes them. The sizing seems to always be on point. She says they are very comfortable.  Most of their clothing is made with 100% cotton and is very soft, but yet can withstand a lot of playtime and several washes. We both love that their styles are very current. We recently got a few new styles to sample and she is in love. The dresses and top are things I would love to have in my OWN closet.

Of course, what makes or breaks the purchase is the price. With cute tops averaging $10 or less and pretty dresses averaging $15 or less, you can’t go wrong. (Even better bargains when they’re on clearance!) We all know how frustrating it can be to buy clothes for our little ones and they only wear them once, or maybe never get to, because they grow so fast.  Right now, prices for Cherokee uniforms are practically unbeatable. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get some great back-to-school deals with Cherokee. Remember to donate and recycle when they outgrow their clothes!


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