Green Your Dinner Party

How To Throw A Green Dinner Party (Guest Post)


There is something rather magical about a dinner party in the summer. An evening spent lingering over food and conversing with friends can be deeply relaxing in the warm summer night. Too often though, they lead to an immense amount of waste. Yet, with a few simple tweaks to the traditional plans, it is quite easy to host a green dinner party.

Use Natural Resources

  • Set the party outdoors, eliminating air conditioning
  • Plan your party as close to a full moon as possible, allowing for maximum natural light
  • Make your own solar lights out of mason jars (you can find a full tutorial here) and hang them overhead or scatter across your yard and patio
  • Candles produce the most amazing, intimate setting for any dinner party, but if it’s particularly gusty you can also use LED votives
  • Look around for interesting pieces of decoration: flowers from the garden are an easy option, but don’t forget that driftwood, twigs, and moss can make some pretty amazing centerpieces.

Keep Your Menu Local

  • Plan a vegetarian menu to limit meat consumption and use locally sourced meat for the dishes that will contain it
  • Shop your local farmer’s market for the freshest in-season choice’s available and buy as much organic as possible. Hint – ask the farmers how they grow their food as some may not use pesticides but don’t label organic
  • Serve wine or beer made locally or at least as close as possible

Put Your Best Foot Forward

  • Never get a chance to use your china or fancy serving pieces? Go ahead and use them now. Not only will it add elegance, but you can also eliminate the waste of paper or plastic. Don’t have a nice set? Borrow one from a friend or neighbor – they are probably dying to see the set get used.
  • Use cloth napkins. Just like the china, these go a long way in appearance as well as use. Most people tend to overuse disposable napkins but are much more conscientious with cloth.
  • Replace printed menus with a chalkboard menu. Use old pieces of wood painted with chalkboard paint as part of the tablescape, or make a large one to stand near the table.

Get the Guests Involved

  • Set the tone early by eschewing printed invites and use email instead
  • Ask guests to get into the spirit by suggesting carpools, public transit, or biking, if possible
  • Send everyone home with some of the leftovers so that no food gets wasted
  • Get guest to help wash dishes. Granted, this may not work for every party. Yet, close friends are often eager to roll up their sleeve and help out. Plus, it keeps the party going just a little longer.

By using even just a couple of these suggestions, you can really reduce your footprint from a party. And being eco-conscious doesn’t mean sacrificing style or enjoyment. In fact, when you throw a green dinner party you may just increase both.


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