Healthy Habits During Pregnancy

I would like to thank Katie Moore for the following guest article. I always enjoy meeting people with similar experiences and lifestyles. The following article is insightful and contains information for anyone looking to lead a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Thanks Katie!


My Journey to Eat Naturally During Pregnancy Gave Me Many Benefits

When I found out I was pregnant, I realized I really needed to make a bigger effort to change the way I ate.  Like many busy women, I often grabbed prepackaged snack crackers and bottles of soda while I was on the go driving back and forth from one errand to another.  Becoming pregnant changed all of that, and I began to take stock of just how unhealthily I was eating.  I had meant for quite some time to make more of an effort to eat healthier foods, but I put it off until it never happened.

With the realization that I was responsible for another person’s health and well being, I became committed to learn how to incorporate more nutritious foods into my weekly diet.  It was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be; and I ended up feeling significantly better, in spite of moderate pregnancy discomforts and bouts of morning sickness.

Eating Organic

I started taking more notice of the organic foods at my local supermarket.  While I knew they were much more nutritious and they lacked toxic chemicals, I was also slightly surprised to see how costly they were compared to non-organic foods.  By cutting out prepackaged snack foods and carbonated beverages from my shopping list, I was able to save money that could be put towards organic foods.  I also purchased wholesome nuts and Greek yogurts to provide me with adequate amounts of protein without adding on unnecessary calories.  Using coupons helped to cut costs as well, and I also kept an eye out for sales on organic foods and natural ingredients at my local stores.

Ditch the Microwave! Add variety!

Changing the way I cooked foods also made a difference in how well I was eating.  Before getting pregnant, I used to microwave a lot of foods because I was always on the go.  I also cooked a lot of pasta, because those were easy and time-convenient dishes to prepare.  Just boiling pasta and throwing on some store-bought sauce seemed like a good idea in the past for a simple meal.  However, once I started replacing those heavy meals with salads topped with fresh-chopped vegetables and nuts, I almost instantly started feeling significantly better.

Because it can get easy to grow bored with eating salads every day, I started experimenting by looking up recipes for variations on the traditional salad.  I enjoyed experimenting with Greek salads, garden salads topped with boiled eggs and cheese, and a variety of salads topped with fruit.  In the past, I never would have considered adding fruit to my salad, but this actually turned out to be amazing!  I was able to enjoy a sweet and savory meal at the same time by adding raspberries, cracked black pepper, red onions and sliced oranges to my salads.  For a dressing, I used semi-sweet vinaigrette, which brought the entire meal together with a delicious twist!

One huge benefit I discovered from switching to organic foods and wholesome meals from the heavier style of eating I had been accustomed was I felt fuller for a much longer amount of time.  In the past, after eating a large bowl of pasta or a similar type of meal, I was hungry about an hour later.  When I started eating meals loaded with fruits and vegetables, I felt full for several hours.  For snacks, I carried around a bag of grapes and munched on those to tide me over.  I also purchased clementines and almonds and carried those with me when I knew I would have a busy day.

I was completely looking forward to having my baby, and the energy I gained from eating natural foods really helped to provide me stamina to work on the nursery room when I got off work in the evenings.  My life was as busy as ever and yet I had never felt better!  I slowly began trying to learn about having a natural pregnancy and what all that would entail.  When I talked to my doctor about it, she explained that each person views natural pregnancy and lifestyles differently.  She discussed some options with me and made some very helpful suggestions on how I could incorporate a more natural way of living into my lifestyle.  My doctor was so great and informed me about everything pregnancy related- from pregnancy symptoms to delivery to the benefits of cord blood banking!

I started walking three to four times a week to strengthen my body and prepare it for labor and delivery.  My doctor told me that getting solid amounts of exercise would be really helpful in reducing the amount of pain medication I may need when delivery time came.  I highly recommend you speak to your own doctor about how to find great ways to begin living naturally during your pregnancy.  I know you will not be disappointed; and if you are like me, you may turn it into a complete lifestyle!

~Katie Moore is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! To connect with Katie contact her via her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26.


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  1. My sugars were high with both of my pregnancies so I had to follow a low carb diet. It was healthy, but it took some adjusting to 🙂


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