Green and Global Candles


I want to share with you about a wonderful company and product I recently learned about. Prosperity Candle offers beautiful handmade candles and other products manufactured by women entrepreneurs in and from distressed regions of the globe. They have been featured on Yahoo! Shine, The Huffington Post, in Ode and Forbes magazines and recently on The Today Show as part of “Bobbie’s Buzz” for International Women’s Day. More than candles, Prosperity Candle works to train women in candle production and empower them with entrepreneurial skills to build and manage their businesses. Their focus is on creating real and sustainable market opportunities for women in places like Haiti and Iraq.

Prosperity Candles make great gifts for any occasion and are available for sale through the website. The candles add a nice and unique touch to your home. They are made with a custom paraffin-soy blend which makes them a much more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and healthier alternative to traditional candles. Additionally, every purchase will grow the company’s impact by helping additional women participate in its growing success.








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  1. Sounds like a great product. I love candles 🙂


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