Green Your Reading

One school year ends and another one is just around the corner. Whether you are a student, or an avid reader, you may be thinking about purchasing new books and/or getting rid of your used ones. Not all of us are fans of reading online or using popular tablets, such as the kindle. While they provide a great way to be eco-friendly in our love of reading, studies exist which suggest that too much exposure to these type of electronic devices is not necessarily good for our health, particularly our eyesight. So, for those of us who prefer or must use traditional books, there are other ways to read, be thrifty and be eco-conscious.

When the library can’t provide what you’re looking for, there are several websites and organizations which help you save money on books for the entire family and help save the environment. Thrift Books is a great place to purchase just about any type of book, from children’s books to professional and graduate books. You can find great deals in their bargain bundles. Below is an infographic they created with some interesting data on the benefits of reading, the environmental impact of books, and more.

Why Buy Used Books - TB - graphic modifiedThrift Books is currently running a Pinterest contest and is giving away a $50 gift card! For more details or to enter: Click Here


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  1. We buy a lot of used books at our local hand store. My kids also love going to the library and we go almost everyday in the summer.


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