Green Up Your Move

How to Organize a Green Move

Moving requires fuel, packing materials and other things which have an impact on the local environment. The boxes used, as well as the packing paper and other materials, often end up in the trash. In the next month, several college students will be packing up their stuff and moving back home, to a place of their own, or a new dorm room. Many families purchase their first homes during Spring and Summer. Knowing how to move while at the same time finding ways to limit your waste footstep will require some planning, but is not difficult and well worth it. After all, you will be able to save a decent amount of money in the process with the added benefit of helping your local environment. Follow these easy tips to achieve just that:

How to Organize a Green Move

Use reusable containers

First of all, you should consider borrowing, renting or purchasing plastic containers for your belongings. Although they are made of petroleum products, they are far more reusable than the cardboard most often used. You can keep them around for much longer, allowing you to lower the amount of waste you produce during the moving process. Cardboard boxes usually require tape, which is made of materials that take a long time to completely decompose. Purchasing a set of plastic containers which stack into each other for storage purposes will allow you to keep them organized and under control with ease. This will reduce the boxes you’d need to buy otherwise. If you don’t feel like buying plastic boxes you can always find companies that rent them out for a small fee.

Use recycled moving supplies

As a way to save money and to lessen the impact on the environment, you can save cardboard boxes for your future needs. Whenever you go shopping you should safeguard as many boxes as you can, putting them in storage for later use. Some boxes are more useful than others, such as wine or liquor boxes. They already have compartments as part of their structure, serving as an excellent way of storing glasses and other smaller objects. Fragile items are easy to store within them because of their sturdy material. Check your local stores and ask the owners and supervisors if they can give you any boxes or if you may buy them if needed.

Use online sources to find materials

There are many sources online where you can find information regarding boxes and other packing materials at affordable prices. Classifieds websites (i.e. Craigslist) are a great way to contact people willing to sell or even donate boxes and other packing supplies. You may find listings in your area which fit your requirements, but if you’re not so lucky there are always many alternate ways of going about it.

Downsizing your possessions

When you move all your belongings you will have quite a lot on your hands. The more stuff you move, the more expensive it will be. It will also lead to higher expenditure of fuel and resources. The more resources used, the higher the impact on the natural world around you. It can lead to more pollution and a higher carbon footprint. If you want to lower that impact, one of the things you can do is downsize everything you own to a more manageable amount. Donating to charities and other organizations, even thrift stores, can bring many benefits, including a tax break. While helping protect the environment, you will be helping someone else along the way, letting them enjoy something they may have been looking for for a long time.

~This article was written on behalf of Removals Office.


9 responses to this post.

  1. I just got through moving (sorta) and was openly mocked for the amount of plastic bins that we have for our long-term storage stuff (like Christmas junk, etc). We do have a lot but they are great! I love that they last forever, are extra durable and keep critters out … which if you store in a basement or whatever, may likely happen with cardboard. And, we did buy a lot of new cardboard boxes for the move but we know we will move again a couple of years so we bought the nicer boxes knowing that we are saving them for next time.


    • LOL…hubby always complains about my bins but they help keep my house less cluttered and more organized. Just the other day he thought he had lost an old pair of pants…check the bin! 😛 Thanks for stopping by. I move a lot myself so I feel your pain. 😉


      • And, aren’t clear ones the BEST??? Unless, of course, you need red/green for Christmas, black/orange for Halloween … I might be a little OCD.

  2. Thanks for sharing helpful moving info! It’s a challenge to organize a green move. We’re in the middle of packing for a long distance move from Michigan to South Carolina. Great idea to donate supplies after everything is unpacked! Downsizing possessions has been a big one for us. 🙂


    • It feels great to purge sometimes. 😉 I spent all of Mother’s Day helping hubby clean the garage and now I have a huge pile of donations. Wishing you so much luck on your move. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  4. Hi Dee! I found your post from a search. I agree that renting plastic moving bins is a great idea. I agree with it so much that last month I started a company doing it in DC. It’s called Elf Boxes. Unfortunately, not too many people are aware that these products even exist, so thank you for bringing attention to it. .

    Since you live in PA, though, check out my friend Dave’s company called Boxaroo. It’s at I think he’s the only one in PA to offer these plastic moving boxes right now. I’m sure he would love to talk to you if you wanted to do a piece on these products. Cheers,



    • Hi Pete…thanks so much for stopping by! We are probably moving after Summer so this is great. I will definitely contact Dave either way. Good luck with your new business…I think it’s fantastic!


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