Happy Eco-Friendly Easter!


If you’re looking for tips on how to green up your Easter, you’ll want to check out these Eco-Friendly Easter ideas from LilaMae.com. Take advantage of their free shipping for Easter. Additionally, fans of The Little Green Playpen can also receive an exclusive 15% off discount on the entire Lila Mae website. Offer expires Sunday, April 7th.

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Happy Easter!

Organic, All Natural, Eco Easter Basket ideas Your Kids Will Love

For the health conscious, eco-minded parent, Easter presents a challenge. How do we give our kids a fun-filled Easter without the trappings of unhealthy, over processed treats and landfill- destined plastic eggs, plastic basket grass, and toy trinkets?

The answer lies in creating family traditions and offering gifts that highlight exactly what the holiday symbolizes – rebirth and renewal. LilaMae.com, where everything is both eco-friendly and made in the USA, offers great Easter basket alternatives that not only celebrate nature, but also preserve and protect it.

With an Easter basket filled with a few of these items, you can start traditions that are healthy, fun, take the focus off of candy and help support USA-based jobs to boot!  These gifts are all great choices for children with food and environmental sensitivities.

1.      Get Real

Find an Easter Basket that you can reuse year after year. Then join your child in layering the basket with bright and beautiful springtime grass.  Lila Mae’s fast growing Easter Grass-kit offers an eco-friendly, all-natural alternative to plastic grass. ladybugsgrass1sq2__88045.1363543146.466.466

Here’s how it works:

*About one week before the holiday, place the starter disk in a bowl and cover with water.  Magically, the disk will expand into fine dirt.

* Place the dirt into a lined Easter basket.

* Sprinkle the seeds (provided in the kit) on top of the dirt.

The seeds will sprout within 24-36 hours, and grow almost an inch a day.  By Easter morning, the basket will be full with bright blades of grass no-bunny could resist! Each kit contains enough materials for two medium baskets.  Another great option is to give the grass as an Easter gift, grow as a post-Easter activity and create an all-natural springtime centerpiece with your child that will brighten up your table for weeks to come.


2.      Greet Spring with Organic Garden Kits

These earth-friendly kits have everything you need to start growing your own organic tomatoes, peas, beans or peppers. In just over 2 months, you will be picking your veggies right off the vine. This kit gives you step-by-step instructions on how to germinate your seeds indoors, transplant them outside and help them grow into strong, healthy plants.


3.      Bundle Up an Organic Cotton Bunny          

This adorable, little bunny is bound to become your little one’s new favorite buddy. This ultra-eco bunny is made in Vermont with 100% organic cotton and has embroidered eyes for safety. It is completely safe for newborns and children with allergies.

4.      Paint a Portrait

After your Easter egg hunt, plan some creative playtime activities with eco-paints made from fruits, vegetables, herbs and organic extracts. The package of 6 water-soluable pigments creates paints similar to watercolor or finger paint. You simply add water to create the consistency that’s right for your budding artist.

5. Create Naturally Colored Easter Eggs

This Easter egg coloring kit has no artificial dyes or chemicals. The dyes are made with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, cumin, purple sweet potato and red cabbage. The kit comes with three primary color powder packs and a color chart to create 6 custom colors, a crayon for texturing your eggs and an egg dipper.


For more info and gift ideas go to the Lila Mae website: Click Here 

Don’t forget to use the exclusive 15% off discount for fans of The Little Green Playpen: LILALUVSLGPP

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