Seeing the Green Light


The Facts about Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Everyone, both young and old, is concerned about the type of carbon footprint they will leave on the planet. These days, the words “eco-friendly” and “green” are commonly used in daily language. We all want to leave the world a better place and do our part to help the environment. One simple way is to switch to energy efficient light bulbs. You can find a lot of energy efficient light bulbs online. Click here to see different light bulb options.

What are they?

Energy efficient light bulbs replace traditional bulbs and save energy.  They do exactly as they say and will save you money on your electric bills.

How do they help the environment?

If every home in the U.S. replaced just one traditional light bulb with an energy-efficient one, it would save enough energy to light three million homes a year and save approximately $600 million in annual costs, as well as prevent nine billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Those are pretty compelling statistics!


Do they save money?

An energy efficient light bulb can save approximately $6 a year in electricity costs for a moderately sized home. While this isn’t a tremendous amount, if you replace all the light bulbs in your home, you will see greater savings. Plus, you’ll be making a difference in the world and creating a greener home.

Is it worth it?

It’s really a no brainer to use energy efficient light bulbs. They last longer than traditional bulbs, which means less time on your part in replacing bulbs. They also use 75 percent less energy, which means more money in your pocket. On top of all this, they also produce less heat. This is especially compelling if you live in an area with hot summers.

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs is quick, budget-friendly and gives you a sense of peace knowing that you are doing something each day to help out the environment. Future generations will appreciate it.


Click here for more information.


Thanks to Harry for contributing to this article. 


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