Real Food AllWays

This week I finally made it over to one of my favorite cafes in the area. When I first moved to PA, this was the first place I came across that reminded me of home. The AllWays Cafe is a little spot in Huntingdon Valley that is known for it’s healthy and fresh food choices. Six years later, it is still my favorite, especially during the Autumn and Winter months.

During this time of year, there is nothing I crave more than a good bowl of soup and AllWays has my absolute favorite…butternut squash. It just might be the best one I’ve ever had! Along with this, I am also addicted to their Sweet Potato Quesadilla, made with pumpkin seeds, spinach, honey-lime chipotle sauce, sweet potatoes and cheddar cheese. It is served with a side of their salsa and sour cream. I have tried duplicating the quesadilla at home, but it just doesn’t come close.

What makes AllWays so unique to the area is their healthy choices of local and organic foods that cater to a variety of foodies and diets: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw diet, etc. I have had their Raw Salad, Lavendar Salad, Asparagus Salad, Thai Peanut Salad, Fresh Mozarella Panini, Veggie Wrap, Portabello Mushroom Sandwich, Falafal, Black Bean Burrito (thought I asked for chicken in it) and their Hummus & Veggies Starter. All of these dishes have been absolutely fantastic. They also carry my favorite line of ice teas, Steaz, and they make some good lattes. The meal isn’t complete without one of their famous Chocolate Bombs (a cross between a brownie and a cookie) for dessert. I only wish they made some without walnuts.

The Cafe is located in the Bethayres Shopping Center and while the parking lot isn’t tiny, it can get tricky during peak lunch hours. The place itself is very small. If they are busy it can be difficult to find seating and service can get slow. This is a great place for the whole family because of the quality of food, but if you are going to take small children, avoid peak hours or maybe just order it as take-out. Inside the cafe has a nice, boho-artsy and relaxed feel to it. Their menu is written on blackboards across the top of the ordering counter. Prices are extremely reasonable (average of $10 or less), especially for the amount of deliciousness you get. The only negative points, besides the lack of seating at lunch time, are their hours and that they don’t offer BYOB. They are only open Mon-Sat., 11am-7:30pm. It would be great if they had longer dinner hours on the weekend so you can enjoy a glass of wine or two with your meal.

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