Free and Green Family Games

I’ve never been a big video game fan. I went from Atari to Nintendo 64…and the fad ended there for me. We have a Wii console now that my daughter enjoys to play, particularly when the weather calls for some indoor exercise. There are some perks to certain kinds of games. Some can also be educational and make you really use your thinking skills, though majority tend to be full of violence and I just have major issues with that. (I’ll spare you from my rant.) Another issue I’ve been contemplating lately is the environmental impact these game consoles have. It seems as, just like with most electronic devices, a new model comes out every year. SO, what happens to all those “old” ones? This infographic from Big Fish Games breaks it down pretty well:

Environmental Impact of Video Games
Source: Big Fish Games

I was recently introduced to Big Fish Games and my daughter and I love it. They have a huge selection of games for all ages that are available for download to your computer…over one BILLION games! They have puzzles, card games, adventures, fantasy and family games, just to name a few. Prices are very reasonable and you even have the option to join a game club and get bigger discounts. You can also download free 1 hour trials, which is a great way to decide whether to purchase the game or not.  For my 6 year old, I have found some great games that are fun and educational and feature some of her favorite cartoon characters. Not long ago, she loved the Wonder Pets on Nick Jr. I am so happy to see that she has rediscovered her love for the cute characters through the game Wonder Pets Save The Puppy.  The game is very kid-user-friendly, engaging, and contains different adventures, coloring, and free-play options. It’s adorable and funny. It’s also served as a tool in helping her become more responsible with our pet dog.

I am happy to be able to offer TWO readers the opportunity to receive a free game download of their choice for their PC or Mac. The game can be for your child or even for you. Just visit the Big Fish Games website to browse all the different genres. The only games off limits for this particular contest are the Collector’s Edition games and the iphone/ipad games. The free download is only available for your PC or Mac (no iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc.). Once you have made your selection, just leave a comment below with your email address and the game of your choice. I will then send you your free download code. Good luck and enjoy!

A few other kid-friendly games:

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  1. Posted by Michelle on October 23, 2012 at 10:35 am

    Nick Jr. Bingo Game – MichelleLCochran at aol . com


  2. I am looking at Farmington Tales, it looks pretty good 🙂


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