Nourishing Mama – Guest blog post

Xandra O’Neill of Womb to World Wellness has a wonderfully unique program for mothers who might be feeling overwhelmed, depleted, or like they are pulled in a million directions at once. (Which one of us doesn’t?!) Below is a little description of the program and information provided by Xandra for anyone that may be interested. Nourishing Mama: 4 weeks of Starting With You begins on Oct. 25th. I highly encourage anyone who is seeking support and balance in her life, or who knows someone who could benefit from it, to reach out and give it a try. Xandra is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is a caring lady, a mama herself, who understands and is trained to give you the support you need. She offers a variety of programs and services, specializing in pregnancy and motherhood.

From Xandra:

“Nourishing Mama: 4 Weeks of Starting with You is an online series of calls where you will learn how to find balance between self, family, and home, eat for energy and stress reduction, reduce toxins that are harming your family, and stay healthy through the holidays.

With calls each week that will be recorded, you can listen from the comfort of your own home or even catch up while you’re out running errands.

This is a great opportunity to gather in community and learn what has already worked for me and other mamas.

The online forum will help connect you with the other mamas in the program and share your experiences as you learn new ways each week to better nourish yourself.

The early bird discount ends October 17th at midnight, and includes a bonus 1-1 coaching session with Xandra ($100 value!).

To learn more and register now, please visit

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

Womb to World Wellness – Helping empower women to have joyful and healthy pregnancies while nurturing themselves and their babies.”


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  1. Thanks for the link back to Heart Mama. 🙂


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