Organic Autumn Reds

Now that Fall is in the air and we are in the midst of work and school routines, an evening glass of Red Wine sounds like the perfect way to unwind. It gets me anxious and excited for the holidays….my favorite time of year.  As we approach the festivities, I wanted to share some of my favorite Organic Wines. I’m a fan, not just because they’re organic or taste good, but also because these organic wines are very affordable, contrary to popular belief. They range in prices from $3.99 – $10.99 per bottle.  Here on the East Coast I can buy Organic Wines at my local Wine & Spirits. When in California, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market never fail in introducing me to a fantastic Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and/or Organic Wine.  It is important to read the labels carefully. A true Organic Wine can be much more beneficial to you. It does not contain grapes treated with strong chemicals and pesticides, nor does it contain added sulfites. We’ve all heard that a glass of wine a day is good for your heart, but if your wine is loaded with added chemicals and preservatives, the harm to your overall health is greater.  Additionally, because most Organic Wines are produced at Wineries and Vineyards that practice Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Farming methods, the soil and water will guarantee a flavorful wine.  After all, wine gets it’s flavor from the minerals in the soil. Lastly, in drinking Organic Wine you support the current Green Movement to ensure a healthier, safer planet for all living things and the future generations.  Hope you’ll consider one of the following, or something similar,when shopping for the holiday celebrations this season…


Year: 2009

Region: Colchagua, Chile

Alcohol: 14%

Smell: Dark fruit aromas with a touch of pepper spice

Taste: A great fusion of plum, cherry and chocolate

Food Pairings: Beef, lamb, chicken, olives, tomatoes, green peppers, etc.


Year: 2010

Region: Jumilla, Spain

Alcohol: 14%

Smell: Unoaked Red berries and floral aromas

Taste: Unoaked, intense cherry & dark fruit flavors with a kick of spice

Food Pairings: Beef, chicken, white fish, pasta, rice, vegetables, salads, etc.


(only $3.99 at most Trader Joe’s!)

Year: 2011

Region : Madera, California

Alcohol: 13.5%

Smell: Aromas of dark fruits, cherries & hint of vanilla

Taste: Raspberry and red fruit flavors with traces of chocolate; oaky

Food Pairings: Steak, Buffalo, Pasta with tomato sauce, mushrooms, or drink alone.



7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by momtravels on October 3, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Not being much of a wine drinker, this article has lots of good information for me. I may have to check out my local Whole Foods Market to find a few wines. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  2. I love wine, great post! I saw your post on MBC and following you by email now. I look forward to your future posts 🙂


  3. I love all kinds of wine. This was a great review.


  4. […] Plan a romantic and healthy dinner. Serving up an organic, candlelight dinner should impress your honey, but if you’re not much of a cook, you can always do a little research for a restaurant or catering company that uses organic or local, fresh ingredients. Don’t forget the organic wine too! […]


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