Organic Beer? Yes, please.

I recently made it to the much talked about Umami Burger (Studio City, CA) and met this bottle of deliciousness. No, I’m not an instant fan just because it’s USDA Certified Organic…it’s just that good! While I’m usually partial to a good glass of wine, most Summer days a nice cold beer sounds perfect.  Fuller‘s Organic Honey Dew Beer is a Golden/Blond Ale…my favorite kind. The light honey scent and golden color are certainly not deceiving. This lager tastes light, refreshing, bitter and sweet at the same time, and goes great with a burger.  Fuller’s is based out of London, making this one of the leading Organic Beers in the UK.  In 2008 they won the World’s Best Honey Beer Award. Here in the U.S. you can find a bottle at your local BevMo and should soon be available in many more locations. Another plus, bottles are 16.9 oz instead of the standard 12! I highly recommend that you sample some before Summer is over! 😉


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  1. My hubby, dad and I tried this beer over Labor Day weekend. We loved it and although we didn’t have it with burgers, it was still great with our carne asada!! Thanks for sharing.


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