Rocky Mountain Popcorn

I’ve been in Los Angeles, CA for the past 3 weeks and Reno, NV for the past week on vacation (which is another post in itself). Along with a laptop that is currently not working, it’s left me with little time to post. No offense to the blogosophere but it’s been quite nice to loosen the grip on technology….
But, alas, some things were meant to be virtually shared.
I am currently roadtripping with the family back to L.A. from Reno and posting from my smartphone (only loosened the grip, didn’t let go). During a rest stop in Bridgeport, CA, I attempted to search for some remotely healthy snacks for the car ride. Boy was I was pleasantly surprised to immediately find these:


 Must find them when I get back home! They were a hit with the whole family. Not just delicious, but Rocky Mountain Popcorn is gluten and nut free, made simply with popcorn, canola oil, and a cheese blend, no artificial flavorings. Of course the skeptic in me would question whether these “real” ingredients might be GMO. I plan on doing a little research when I get home, but for now it’s encouraging to find healthier snack alternatives in a small town gas station image


5 responses to this post.

  1. have a great road trip!


  2. I hope it remains on a good snack list!


  3. I like that popcorn too. New follower from BSN bloghop.


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