School’s out…time to green up your children’s lunch for Fall!

Just wanted to share this great product one more time.

Get 10% off until July 4th on ECOlunchbox.


This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your back-to-school shopping.

When you pack your children’s lunch next school year, feel confident that you are filling up their bellies with healthy food stored in containers that are safe for them and the Earth. This is a great tool in teaching your children why going green is important too.

Avoid the plastics, leads, vinyl fumes and other toxins that can leach onto your food and our planet.  Make the switch from popular lunchboxes, lunch bags and plastic baggies to ones that are non-toxic and waste-free.

Eco-friendly ECOlunchbox products were designed by an eco mom who wanted to help families reduce their dependence on plastics by providing healthy natural lunchware alternatives for families. A no-waste lunch study completed by ECOlunchbox shows that families typically generate 4,320 pieces of trash at lunchtime annually and spend at least $400 on unnecessary throw-aways.

ECOlunchbox specializes in lunchware that is safe and healthy for people and the planet:

  1. various stainless steel bentos
  2. artisan lunchbags and backpacks
  3. reusable cloth napkins
  4. unique furoshiki lunchwraps
  5. two stainless snack containers
  6. stainless steel lunch & picnic trays

 10% OFFstainless steel ECOlunchbox > Solo Cubes!  Use coupon code greencube10 at checkout, expires July 4th 2012. 

See more products and get more information on ECOlunchbox by clicking the image below:


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