Mother’s Day Gift Idea at Whole Foods…natural, green and yummy!

Still unsure what to get mom for Mother’s Day this Sunday? My mama lives in California and I’m in PA, so I put my card in the mail the other day along with a gift card. (Oops, sorry Ma…probably should’ve given you a spoiler alert!)  What I struggle with, and have found that most people I know do too….is what do I get the M-I-L…or the S-I-L? I’ll be spending my Mother’s Day with the in-laws, so I can’t get away with just an envelope. Well, I am happy to share that Whole Foods Market has a special running today, Friday, May 11th –Mother’s Day!

This Mom’s Day Bundle is going for a special price of $29.99 at my local Whole Foods Market in Jenkintown, PA.  Several store locations are participating. Check out the Whole Foods near you for this (or similar) special.

     With it, you get 3 great items:

  1. A delicious 6” Strawberry and Cream Cake. This is the perfect way to contribute to the Mother’s Day meal if you are celebrating at your own home or someone else’s. (In my culture, it’s considered disrespectful to show up at someone’s home empty handed.) I tried some of the cake last night. It is very moist and fluffy at the same time and it’s not overly sweet. The strawberries taste fresh too.
  2. 20 stem Tulips in assorted colors. (What’s Mother’s Day without some flowers?!) I don’t know about you, but I actually prefer Tulips over Roses. They come in so many great colors.  It is said that Tulips, not Roses, actually symbolize True Love (surprise mom with that little tidbit) and they are also known to last longer than Roses.  They are my absolute favorite flower. I purchased some from Whole Foods last month and they lasted me a few weeks! (Another tidbit to share with mom…drop a couple pennies in the vase and your tulips will last even longer!)
  3. Lastly, your Mom Bundle includes 2 Hugo Fizzy Bath Bombs.  (You always need to add that little personal touch.)   You can choose from several different scent combinations. My favorite is the Lavender & Chamomile.  Hugo Naturals makes their products out of 100% natural ingredients. You will not find any parabens, sulfates, silicones, artificial colors or fragrances, etc. The fizzy bath bombs are great because you just drop them in the bath and relax.  They contain sweet almond oil and vitamin E so aside from smelling great, your skin will feel smooth and moisturized.

This Mom Bundle is a unique and perfect treat to give to your mom, wife, sister, aunt, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, friend, or even yourself. By purchasing the products together as a bundle you are saving 30%!  I had to share. I will be grabbing one of these Sunday on my way to see the in-laws!




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