Celebrate Mother Earth this Sunday too!

Every Mother Deserves the Best- Including Mother Earth

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 13th. Choose gifts that show you care (almost) as much about Mother Earth as you do about her.

When it comes to filling our lunchboxes with food for school or the office, we reflexively turn to the usual plastic containers and throw-aways, such as plastic baggies and  plastic tub containers.

Everyday a mountain of trash is thrown away at lunchtime, creating environmental problems, health hazards and wasting hundreds of dollars for every family packing a lunch.

The results of an eco lunchbox waste study show that an average family using throw-aways and pre-packaged foods for lunch spend much more each year than a family that buys food in bulk and packs lunches in reusable lunchware.

“Families are spending hundreds of dollars on throw-away lunchware and food packaging annually and adding to our landfills tremendously in the process,” said ECOlunchbox Founder Sandra Ann Harris. “But it’s so easy to switch to reusable lunchware. Why not do it?”

Our ECOlunchbox Kit, which is made out of cotton, stainless steel and includes bamboo utensils, is an easy choice for the thoughtful luncher. It’s healthy for people and the planet!

PROMO OFFER: Enter motherearth in the coupon code field at check-out to receive your FREE ECOdipper stainless steel snack container! $25 minimum purchase required. Expires 5/20/2012.



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