Free Green Products from Whole Foods Market on Earth Day!

Earth Day is a week from tomorrow! How do you plan to celebrate? How about some free cleaning products??? My local Whole Foods Market will be hosting the Earth Day Product Swap. If you bring in any conventional cleaning products, you will receive an eco-friendly, natural alternative for FREE! Green products are just as effective in cleaning as the ordinary conventional brands.  They differ in that green cleaners do not contain all those harmful ingredients and chemicals that pose harmful risks to you, your family, pets or the EARTH. Did you know that there are no regulations (yet!) for listing the ingredients found in cleaning products? Well, Whole Foods Market is committed to helping change that. They have developed their very own ECO-SCALE, making it very easy to go through their store and feel confident when purchasing a cleaning product. A simple color coding rates the products for you from GREEN, having the highest standards for safety and impact to the environment, to RED, so harmful that they are not even carried at Whole Foods!

So what better way to celebrate the Earth than by making a life-long switch with benefits to both your health, your family’s safety and the Earth….and it’s FREE!

When: This Sunday, April 22nd 2012

Time: 10am-3pm

Where: Whole Foods Market, Jenkintown, PA (and other participating locations throughout the country.)

To learn more about the Eco-Scale, the Earth Day Product Swap (and find participating stores), visit Whole Foods Market.


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  2. […] a recent post I wrote about Whole Foods Market’s very own Eco-Scale (see previous post). It is a huge step in the right direction to protecting us, the consumers. So, this week I finally […]


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