Earth Day is around the corner…get some Eco Lunch Box tips!

Celebrating Earth Day with Green Lunch Solutions

How ECO is your lunchbox? With Earth Day coming up on Sunday, April 22, ECOlunchbox is challenging people everywhere to ask this important question.

Making changes in our lunchtime habits is an easy first step toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle, says Sandra Harris, president of specializing in no-waste and non-toxic lunchware for children and adults.

"I was so tired of our family's over-reliance on leaching plastics food containers, plastic baggies and other throw-aways," explains Harris, a Lafayette, Calif. resident. "I started so people could choose to pack their lunches in a way that's healthy for people and the planet. I truly believe that lunch by lunch we can green the world a whole bunch."

An average U.S. family spends about $400 extra on disposable lunchware and creates about 4,320 pieces of trash unnecessarily, according to the results of a Lunchbox Waste Study completed by ECOlunchboxes.

"There are multiple bottom lines," says Sandra Harris, whose company is certified through the Bay Area Green Business Program. "When we green our lunches, the environment and our pocketbooks are both winners."

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4 responses to this post.

  1. These are awesome, I haven’t seen these yet so thank you! I love the idea of stainless steel containers because they’re more portable than glass. We use the ReUsies and Itzy Ritzy snack bags, and these will go great with them. ( has ReUsies on sale every once in a while!)


  2. Great reference article! I bought a plastic bento box and loved the idea but just felt a little ironic:) Glass is just a bit cumbersome for my little one to carry, these are perfect. Thanks for sharing!


  3. […] Earth Day is around the corner…get some Eco Lunch Box tips! ( […]


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