Philly Farm & Food Fest is a success

On Sunday April 1st I attended the very first Philly Farm and Food Fest at the Convention Center. What an event! It brought together local farmers, organizations, businesses and producers of organic and sustainable foods and green products. I was able to meet some terrific people and sample a wide variety of local and delicious food items: fruit preserves, cheeses, ice cream, apples, brownies, coffee, ciders, wines and even ketchup to name a few. At the front entrance were both Whole Foods Market, who were offering food samples and putting on some informational presentations, and Chipotle Mexican Grill, who were featuring some tasty tacos.  It was very comforting to see so many people, from consumers to large corporations, come together to show their commitment to protecting our Earth and the food it provides.

One of the main reasons I wanted to attend Philly Farm and Food Fest 2012 (besides the free lunch!) was to get more information on CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in my area. While I am a frequent shopper at farmer’s markets, I would like to do more to support local farms. There were several exhibitors who supplied a lot of information. While they all have a lot to offer, I am hoping to join Pennypack Farm in Horsham, PA. I really like that they offer an on-farm experience. Members are able to choose their vegetables and can even go out into the fields and harvest some of their own crops.  If you are not familiar with CSA or Co-ops, please take the time to read a little about them. It is a wonderful way to support local food suppliers and more importantly, know where your food is coming from. I have provided some links below for both information, as well as some of my favorite exhibitors at the Farm and Food Fest.  Make it a point to attend next year!

Philly Food and Farm Fest

To find a CSA, Co-op, Farm, or Farmer’s Market near you, visit: Local Harvest

Favorite Exhibitors:

Pennypack Farm and Education Center Horsham CSA offering pick your own crops, work with Meadowbrook Farms in Abington, PA and the Ambler Theatre and YMCA to offer several events and educational classes for children, adults and families, as well.

Greensgrow Farms Philadelphia CSA, Farm Market and “Best of Philly” 2011 Nursery…also offering homemade jam, vegan stock, pesto, and eggplant dip. Greensgrow is involved in several projects. Their website has a lot of great information.

Tait Farm Foods Located in Centre Hall, PA…CSA, Farmer’s Market, Greenhouse and Harvest Shop…offer an array of delicious food products that can be found at retailers and restaurants throughout the country, including jams, cooking and dessert sauces, honey, etc.; they also sell local products and gift collections online and in their shop, offer free recipes, host classes and events.

Hidden Hills Dairy Located in Everett, PA…delicious cheeses…the buttercup is a must try! Also offering Gift Baskets.

Golden Valley Farms  Located in West Chester, PA…USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified, Bird friendly, delicious coffees and teas; Shop online or find them at a local Farmer’s Market.

Frecon Farms Located in Boyertwon, PA…offer Pick Your Own fruits from the Orchard, an annual PickFest Bluegrass Festival, delicious ciders and wines…I sampled my first Peach Wine! They can be found at several Farmer’s Markets as well.

Rodale Institute is hosting the Organic Tulip Festival this Saturday from 10am-4pm. There will be over 20 varieties! U-pick tulips will be available until the 21st.  The Institute offers classes, workshops, farmer training, plant sales and tours.

Chipotle Mexican Grill  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Chipotle believes in “Food with Integrity”. They strive to use local and organic produce, as well as meat and dairy from animals raised without synthetic hormones or antibiotics. I had always avoided eating at Chipotle simply because I assumed that they were just like every other fast food chain.  Just a few weeks ago in a blog post, I whined about not having a healthy alternative to Mexican food nearby. Someone was listening…I have a Chipotle Mexican Grill just minutes away! After sampling their beef taco at the Festival and learning that Chipotle cares about the environment, I will be making frequent visits to the Willow Grove, PA location.


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