What’s in our food and what are GMOs?


Even though word is really getting out there nowadays that our food supply and the products we use in our home could potentially be dangerous, there are still plenty of people who choose to either not know or not care. Then there are those who care but don’t take the time to know. Everyone has a right to do their thing, but shouldn’t it truly be your choice. Sadly, it is difficult to know what to believe anymore. As consumers we are tricked with labels and contradicting information regarding what we should and shouldn’t purchase. Example: you go to the grocery store and a package of tortilla chips says “NATURAL” on it. Automatic thought: Oh, must be healthy. But what many people don’t understand is that there is probably more than just corn and oil in that bag of chips. Do you know where that corn or oil came from? Do you know that about 80% of corn and soy in the United States is Genetically Modified? Do you know what GMOs are? In my years of discussing with friends and family why I am so particular about where or why I buy the things I do for my home, I have come across so many people who do not even know what GMOs are.

I don’t just buy organic or green products and food to be “healthier”, I buy them because I know how potentially dangerous the other products and foods can be. It’s not just about the pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals in our food and products, it’s the fact that real food isn’t even real food anymore! It’s the fact that manufacturers aren’t even required to let us know if we’re eating real food or not. It’s the fact that we have the right to know and need to demand so.

The NON-GMO Project is a great resource for information and education on GMOs and what you can do to get involved. Go there! Read! Be informed and make a better choice! SHARE!


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