Shopping at Whole Foods

I ran across this article this morning. Ironic. I am a frequent Whole Foods shopper. Though many of the points made might make perfect sense and can be disappointing, there’s always another side to the story. I do know that Whole Foods offers some great products, difficult to find at some of the more popular grocery store chains.  Sadly, it’s just not that easy or fun to grocery shop nowadays. You have to do your research, read labels carefully and if you’re like me, go to at least 3 different spots to get all the items on the shopping list! Here’s where the irony kicks in. One of the main purposes for me starting this blog is to try and facilitate the “shopping for healty foods and products” experience. It has taken me a while, hours of research and plenty of adjustments along the way, to feel confident shopping for my home and family.  I want to make sure that I am buying the best, safest, healthiest, yet most affordable products that I can and Whole Foods is where I find many of these items. So, here, I hope to be able to provide some insight as well as gain some knowledge from others who are trying to do the same. One of my goal is to highlight different products every week, complete with picture, list of ingredients, pros (or cons), best price and where to find it. I look forward to hearing from others and sharing ideas and products. Hope you join me!


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