Organic Chicken in Philly Restaurants

Last month I posted some of my thoughts on chicken, specifically organic chicken. Coincidentally, the last 2 restaurants I have visited had Organic Chicken on the menu!

It’s as if someone was listening. So, just thought I’d share the two places in case you’re in Philly and in search of some healthier alternatives…

A couple of weeks ago, after a baseball game, the family decided to stop in Northern Liberties for some dinner. A friend recommended a Mexican place called El Camino Real. As we approached the place, I should’ve known to turn back…a full pig was being roasted right outside the front door! Yeah, my daughter wasn’t too thrilled at seeing a pig head on a table either. Hubby, however, was intrigued, so in we went…far away from the pig. To make this short and sweet, the service was slow, the chips and salsa were ok, and the menu was…so-so. Of course, my only ray of light was the Organic Chicken burrito on the menu. The waitress said it came with 2, so the little and I split the dish. It seemed like a deal at $10, but I wouldn’t exactly call these burritos. They were more like little american-style wraps. The burritos had plantains in it, another plus. However, the “wraps” were very skimpy, tasted pretty good, but nothing mind-blowing. Hubby was not happy with his steak burrito at all. The little was disappointed not to get her refried beans, as they only had ones with pork. A lot of their menu items seemed centered around pork, and well, we just don’t really do swine. Like I said before, I should’ve known to turn around upon seeing one being BBQ’d out front.

To learn more about El Camino Real click the image:


Last week, the bestie and I headed out to the Rittenhouse Square area to Tinto, a Spanish Wine bar and Tapas restaurant. Again, I was surprised and excited to see Organic Chicken on the menu! I regretted not ordering it. The restaurant itself was on the over-priced side and we were not impressed with the food at all. We were surprised as we had high expectations for a Garces Trading Company establishment.  There was lots of pork on this menu as well. I don’t get it. The place was also very small and the seating downstairs was awkward.  Nonetheless, it is nice to see that more places are offering organic dishes, especially chicken! To learn more about Tinto click the image:


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